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Dm-Verity Corruption Redmi Note 11 Pro | How to Fix Dm Verity Bootloop

Initializing usb… OK
Waiting for device… COM11 [BOOTROM:0E8D:0003]
Bypassing authentication… OK
Analyzing preloader… preloader_viva.bin [MT6875/6781:8:784] [Internal]
Reading hardware info… OK
Hardware : MT6781 [Helio G96] 1066 8A00 CA00 0000
Security Config : SCB SLA DAA
Sending Download-Agent… OK
Syncing with target… OK
Booting device… OK
Syncing with DA… OK
Storage : UFS – FWVer : 0101 – CID : MT128GAXAU2U227X
Vendor ID : Micron [0x12C]
UFS: LU0 Size : 4 MiB – LU1 Size : 4 MiB – LU2 Size : 119.17 GiB
Reading partition info… OK [58]
Reading device info… OK
Model Name : viva
Product Name : viva_eea
Manufacturer : Xiaomi
Platform : viva
Android Version : 11
Security Patch : 2022-06-01
Build ID : CUST_viva
Build : V13.0.8.0.RGDEUXM
Build Date : Wed Jun 22 20:38:46 CST 2022
MIUI Version : V130
MIUI Build : V13.0.8.0.RGDEUXM
MIUI Region : viva_eea_global
MIUI Locale : en-GB

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