SamFw FRP Tool 3.2 – Remove Samsung FRP one click


أقوى اداه حذف حساب جوجل لاجهزه سامسونج مجانا بتحديثها الجديد 


Today, we introducing SamFw FRP Tool version 3.2


Main function:

  1. Remove FRP with one click
  2. Change CSC with one click (beta)
  3. Remove FRP for new security patch (Aug 2022)

Remove FRP with one click

  1. Connect the phone to the PC, and install the Samsung driver if you have not yet installed
  2. Go to energy call then type *#0*#
  3. Click Remove FRP on the Tool
  4. Click Accept USB debugging on the phone if it appears
  5. The phone will finish and reboot after removing FRP

SamFw FRP Tool 3.2

 – Add [Test mode] FRP Remove for new security patch (HOT)
 – Add Function description when hover to the button
 – Optimized [ADB] No required Samsung device connect for ADB function
 – Optimized only check Samsung USB Driver first time

 – Fix [Test mode] Can not read info after remove FRP FAIL



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