Honor 50 NTH-NX9 hw ru NTH-N29 FIRMWARE

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Honor 50 NTH-NX9 firmware

Glory 50 | NTH-N29 Official Firmware Pack Honor 50 | Nth-N29 official package system flashing package download
Adapted version: Honor 50 | NTH-N29
Android version: Consistent with the official version
Software Type: Official Firmware Upgrade Package
Official Version Number: NTH-N29 (C10E5R6P3)
Glory 50 | Nth-N29 Official ROM Firmware Introduction:
1. Glory 50 | NTH-N29 official firmware rom package;
2. Official version number: NTH-N29 (C10E5R6P3);
3. Pure and unmodified official firmware;
4. Released by EAZY-SHARE official website;
1. This firmware is officially released by EAZY-SHARE, thank you for your support to EAZY-SHARE official website, this site shares the official firmware package of various brands, if there is a download and decompression problem such as link failure, please contact the official customer service WHATS APP : 01066669989 Contact to solve the consultation;

2. The downloaded flashing package data belongs to the flashing ROM firmware data payment, excluding other services such as paid brushing;

3. Please confirm the model before downloading the firmware package, if you cannot confirm please contact customer service for verification, if you cannot flash the machine due to the wrong download of the corresponding model of firmware, this site is not responsible;

4. Flashing is risky, brushing needs to be cautious!






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